test dima

Laundry notes :

  • Country code : Phone no will be in Saudi Arabia only or different numbers can register ? yes it will be KSA only for this stage, however, you need to consider that they may allow the other codes
  • We need the links of privacy policy and terms of conditions the links will be provided on later stages, for now, consider that this will be a Web View pages
  • We will have reset password or not if so we need it from the designer yes, we will have reset paswsord
  • Payment method will be saved or single time this will be discussed with the client
  • Change no of personal info ? yes, with OTP verifiation


We need the following

  • If active order & previous order& notification …… not available ( we need design to this screen and not available screens in all the app)
  • Edit order design
  • See all design in all the app
  • View reviews for laundry
  • All the GIF files
  • Payment method partition and where it will be added




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