Microfinance Unit CEO Message

Welcome to the Microfinance unit- Central Bank of Sudan website, that aim to provides the visitors with a fruitful and of up-to-date information about the microfinance sector in Sudan. The full fledged Islamic microfinance experience in CBOS, is considered the first of its kind worldwide. It started during the nineties when the CBOS Policies, introduced “Craftsmen, Professionals, Small Producers, and the Productive Families” among the priority sectors in bank’s finance (later on labeled microfinance). Since then the CBOS policies has specified a certain percentages from total finance (credit portfolio), for the financing this sector (reached 15% of the total portfolio recently (including small and medium enterprise). We, at CBoS/MFU, will spare no efforts to develop and enhance our website with the aim of fulfilling our visitors' aspirations and expectations. Therefore, we will value your comments and suggestions and even your complain if any.


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